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Welcome to Sport Hip London

Who Are We?

Sport Hip London was founded in August 2012, when Dr Spencer-Smith and Mr Stafford joined forces to provide patients with top quality multidisciplinary team in one place. Having previously worked together, both share the same beliefs on patient treatment and rehabilitation and are thoroughly committed to educating patients on their diagnoses and ensuring they stay on the right road throughout their recovery. Both consultants will have an active role in your treatment and one of them will always be available to see you during the week should you run into any trouble.


When you come to see us at Sport Hip London, you will become a part of our family.  We’ll reach an accurate diagnosis, commence a treatment plan, and explain in detail your condition – demystifying any medical jargon. We always make sure you understand exactly what is causing you trouble and then work closely with you to develop a rehabilitation plan working towards getting the best from your hip- whatever your diagnosis.

We will always try to make your consultation at a time and place convenient to you.  Dr Spencer-Smith and Mr Stafford work closely together to devise the best treatment plan for you and frequently have joint consultations with patients if this is needed.  Of course, if you are being referred from one to the other, they will always try to pop their head around the door to say hi and meet you before your consultation with them.  We also work very closely with your physiotherapist, osteopath or trainer, so they are kept aware of your treatment plan. The joint involvement in your care continues until you are discharged from clinic.

We will be there with you, every step of the way, and you can rely on us to quickly respond to call for help or advice, whenever you need us.